Green, sustainable communities have become all the more relevant and crucial today.

Although sustainability has long been a familiar concept for Filipinos, many have started to significantly appreciate the wealth of benefits that come with green spaces particularly over the past 20 months, when the country had been under varying levels of quarantine.

With over 250 ongoing projects in 50 key areas in the Philippines, award-winning property developer Filinvest Land commits to creating green communities.
With over 250 ongoing projects in 50 key areas in the Philippines, award-winning property developer Filinvest Land commits to creating green communities.

At a time when Filipinos had to deal with stringent restrictions, lack of social interactions and for some, stressful living conditions in dense clusters of communities, many started seeking a breath of fresh air, parks, and nature. Even just a few minutes spent communing with nature was shown to do wonders to one’s physical and mental well-being. Convenience and proximity to one’s essentials became highly crucial as well given the limited mobility during this time.

All these, however, typify the very essence of a green community.

Besides espousing environment-friendly practices that help fight climate change and reduce carbon footprint, a green community also enables residents to have access to nature; fresh air, clean water and sunlight; as well as lush foliage in open spaces from where one can safely walk, jog or bike to another area in the neighborhood. And as scores of studies would show, these attributes can help improve one’s health, mood, and even productivity.

New ideals, essentials

It’s thus unsurprising that such features emerged as the new essentials or the new ideals for a community amid the pandemic—outdoor spaces; greens for cleaner air; biophilic designs that incorporate nature in buildings to enhance health and well-being of occupants; natural lighting and ventilation; safe lanes for pedestrians, joggers and bikers; and proximity to one’s essentials.

But while some are racing to retool their blueprints to serve these changing ideals, Filinvest Land Inc. already has an impressive portfolio of over 250 green developments across more than 50 key areas in the country.

A future-forward developer with a keen foresight and an advocacy for smart and green development, Filinvest Land has long taken to heart its mission to not only create living and working spaces attuned to the needs of its residents, locators and investors, but also to respect and protect the environment. The goal, for more than five decades now, is to provide healthy, quality spaces that would help enhance lifestyles and build the Filipino dream.

And in doing so, it was able to mindfully create true green communities that are now proven to be well-suited to the emerging needs in the new normal.

Greening the way forward

Filinvest Land has long been “greening” the way forward with structures and communities that provide conducive spaces to live, study, work, and play. This is where ‘Dreams Built Green’ comes in—Filinvest Land’s long-term commitment to going green. The property developer continues to champion sustainable, future-forward principles as it pushes forward with its mantra of building the Filipino dream.

It is these very principles that propelled Filinvest Land to become a 10-time BCI Asia Top Developer awardee and Best Developer for North Luzon and Mindanao by DOT Property Awards 2021.

From strategic project locations to sensible amenities, Filinvest Land ensures a number of key features in each development—health, well-being, and productivity of residents and locators; ease and convenience; accessibility and connectivity. Helping ensure these are three pillars that guide the sustainability ethos of Filinvest Land namely green, health, and life tech.


With over 250 ongoing projects in 50 key areas in the Philippines, award-winning property developer Filinvest Land commits to creating green communities.
Mira Valley at Havila in Rizal allows its residents to bask in a tranquil and refreshing environment with its natural waterways, rolling topography, and lush greens.

Literally, green spaces are a common feature in every Filinvest Land development.

Depending on the location of the project, many would have pocket parks with lush greenery, while others have reserved forests and farms, stunning vistas and picturesque environs. Some projects follow the natural topography of the land while others have incorporated biophilic designs to mimic natural environments.


Condominium development 8 Spatial in Davao
Condominium development 8 Spatial in Davao boasts of wide open spaces which are dedicated to lush greens and lifestyle amenities.

Filinvest also puts a premium on health as it ensures cross ventilation for homes while mid-rise buildings have Ventilite, Filinvest’s revolutionary technology that allows natural light and ventilation to permeate through the building.

Residents are further afforded the luxury of space within the community as 60 to 70 percent of the property are often allocated for open spaces. They also get to enjoy leisure amenities that help ensure a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle, and the green and blue network, comprising tree-lined streets that are both pedestrian- and bike-friendly.

Privacy is further assured given the low density in Filinvest’s mid-rise buildings. Its condominium developments are also compliant to environment codes and have their own solid waste management disposal systems.

‘Life tech’

activa by filinvest
Activa is a mixed-use development with a lifestyle mall, residential and office spaces located at the crossroads of Edsa and Aurora Boulevard.

Further making Filinvest Land communities well-suited to the new normal is the fact that its developments offer modern conveniences that can help residents to boost productivity especially in the era of working and studying from home.

Units are spacious and do not have beams and columns—a feature that would allow one to easily carve out spaces for work, study, fitness, and play. There are also provisions for fiber optic internet connection, which can be readily serviced by major providers.

Residents can have peace of mind with safety features in each community such as 24/7 CCTV and round-the-clock security.

And since Filinvest Land projects are strategically located near key establishments and transport hubs, it would still be easy for one to get around the metro and go to malls, schools, hospitals, offices in major business districts, whenever the need arises. All these spell convenience.

The developer also partnered with tech start-ups to provide goods and services to residents including online groceries and storage spaces. Filinvest Land also developed the MyHome and Service Desk Online apps and created channels for online transactions not just for residents but also for potential buyers and its sales force.

Indeed, in creating these green spaces, Filinvest Land has built the community of the future—one that will not only provide areas to seamlessly live, work and play, but will also offer a safe, healthy and conducive respite, a fitting antidote to the stresses of these challenging times, and a sound, practical investment that can generate returns and value in more ways than one.


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